Railway transport

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sale and consultancy

An important argument for your decision

We are specialists in freight rail transport. Our clients are primarily medium and large companies in the automotive, chemical and construction industries. Thanks to our years of experience in international and domestic transportation, we can anticipate the potential risks and minimize the cost of transporting goods to a high level of customer satisfaction.
We will ensure for you the transport of goods across Europe, in particular to European Union countries, by state or private carriers. You do not have to deal with logistics, warehousing, transport insurance of shipments, customs formalities, we will do it for you.
In addition, we offer sales and advice on solid fuels, chemicals and lubricants.
We believe that INVESTEX-GROUPS will become an important argument in your decision about shipping your goods or purchasing the products we offer.


We provide logistics and forwarding services in the field of rail transport and transport by state and private carriers, operational ship management and non-stop dispatching.


We offer you solid fuels for large stores (black coal, coke, brown coal), a wide range of technical chemicals for power engineering, special greases and Setral cleaners.