sale and consultancy




coal, coke, brown coal and biomass


in the field of economic affordability and availability of fuels.


of fuel power options in conjunction with technology and combustion system.

Wood biomass

Unit of wood, power-producing chips, briquet, pellets.


and selling new types of ecological fuels.

Transport of fuels

automotive and rail transport of fuels.


The subject of the offer

We focus on the supply of chemical substances and preparations for pre-treatment, treatment and water treatment.

Basic products

ammonia liquid NH3
demineralized water
sodium phosphate Na3PO4
potassium hydroxide KOH
sodium hydroxide liquid technical NaOH, min. 49%
industrial and peletted salt
thawing salt
sodium chlorite NaClO2
sodium hypochlorite NaOCl
nitric acid HNO3, technical, p.a
acid technical HCl, min. 31%

Delivery method

The chemicals are delivered according to the type, volume and requirements of the customer in railway tanks, in tankers or in small-volume packages. The standard is a quality certificate and a safety data sheet.

Setral lubricants


assembly pastes, anti-seize pastes, special paste for the lubrication of bearings, bolted joints, flanges


fats for high temperatures, fats for low temperature and high speed, adhering fats, food fats and fats for toy manufacturers, inert grease for the lubrication of all types for rolling and plain bearings, ropes, joints, conveyors

Bonded Lubricants / Coatings

PTFE-based lacquers, MoS2-based lacquers, lubrication lacquers in dusty environments


synthetic fluids, fats, lubricants, multifunctional oils, anti-corrosion agents

High temperature oils

chain oils, synthetic gear oils, compressor oils, oil for glass machinery, hydraulic oils for the lubrication of gearboxes, compressors, hydraulic systems.

Special oils

universal oil for food and pharmaceutical industries, synthetic fluid for lubrication of chains, joints and cables
prevodové a ložiskové oleje gear and bearing oils, armament oil.

Machining of metals detergents

liquids for metal forming, cutting fluids, emulsions for drilling, pressing.

Cleaners and additives

polish remover preparations to remove residual paint and seals; solvents to remove grease, oil and dirt; additives for engine, gear and other industrial oils.

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